Red Lion – Delirious Dictator Of Doom

Published By DC Comics On October 2016 In Deathstroke: Rebirth #1

Matthew Bland AKA Red Lion is the African malicious dictator of Buredunia. He often hires Deathstroke to assist with his questionable advances against his government opposition. This Despot Dictator obsessively seeks new ways to regain control of Buredunia – intending to rule with a crimson soaked fist.

Before Deathstroke Deposes Him That Is...


Super Level Intellect

Super Level Stealth

Unarmed Combat Specialist

Expert Weapons Master

Untold Wealth & Resources

Promethium-Mesh Suit & Claws

Exceedingly heavy-duty technology.
Specifically upgraded with battle enhancements.
Suit absorbs nearly all forms of energy,
making him stronger in battle.

See The Buredunian Civil War

After the crash of the Justice League Watchtower on Buredunian lands, he baits the Justice league by bribing some of the wayward rebels to torture a group of refugees to distract the world that was watching. The reason? Red Lion wanted to conquer his neighbor for their prized shoreline.

Human life is a small price to pay to dock one’s aircraft carrier.

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