Star Sapphire – Carol Ferris Through The Ages

First Appearance: ALL-FLASH COMICS #32, 1947

Green Lantern Corps wield the pure energy of willpower, however there is another power…

There are those in the cosmos slanging the energy of love like Thor’s hammer – the all-female alien race called the Zamarons. Their cosmic gemstones, or Star Sapphires, rivaling that of a Green Lantern’s ring.

The most volatile emotion in the cosmos – Love. It can be deadly.

Many of the women who’ve taken on name of Star Sapphire became antagonistic adversaries for Earth’s protectors, occasionally breaking the bad girl rules and lending a hand. Enter Carol Ferris, on & off girlfriend of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Can love really conquer all? Zamaron’s Gem – Inspiring Women To Madness For Generations

909474 starsapphiregem
909474 starsapphiregem

The Star Sapphire Corps is an inter-galactic force originating from the planet Zamaron in Sector 1416.

Their purpose is spreading love throughout all 3,600 sectors of the universe. The leaders of the Corps are Oans who found a parasitic crystal which they shaped into five Star Sapphire crystals.

They empowered those who had been loved but spurned, providing them the opportunity for revenge… sounds real loving, right?

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