Azrael – From Brainwashed Soldier To Crusader For Justice

Jean Paul Valley was psychologically and physically designed in a test tube for a divine role and specific purpose, since his inception:

To Become Azrael

Released In October 1992 By DC Comics In Batman: Sword of Azrael #1

Upon his fathers death, Valley is confronted by the activation of his previous conditioning. The Order makes itself known, calling upon him to take up his birthright – The Mantle Of Azrael.

Destiny would eventually turn the upstanding hero into Batman’s twisted evil twin.

The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas

Jean Paul Valley takes up the sword of Azrael and it’s suit of arrows, transforming into an agent of the Order of Purity. Batman eventually frees him from his servitude, and Valley in turn apprentices under him and Robin.

The Transformation Of A Superhero

Through a twisted turn of events, Valley must become Batman while Bruce recovers from some pretty severe injuries. It turns out past programming from the The Order had returned with a vengeance.

In a cryptic future he became the anti Christ thus fulfilling a dark prophecy!

His whereabouts since the new 52 are unknown.


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