The View – Published By Specks Vision!

Meet Chaz Johnson: High School Student & Aspiring Music Engineer

Created By Curtis “Specks” Thompson
1st Appearance: The View Teaser Comic

The View

Meet Southern Teenager Chaz Johnson, an inspiring music engineer, that interns at his uncle’s recording studio. He loves crafting the best sound for artist, but he has to balance it around being a high school student and defending the city against The Howl!


  • Semi Advance Mixed Martial Arts
  •  Physical Construct Creation
  • High Physical Conditioning


  • Item Last For One Minute
  • Must Know Physical Makeup Of An Item

Join Chaz In His Daily Struggle: The Legacy of The View

A Battle between the howl and the silent find Chaz at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seeing someone in need, he rushes in to help and finds himself caught in the crossfire.

Still recovering from critical injuries, Chaz discovers he can now create items out of thin air. There’s also an intense attraction to the howl during their attacks, and the ability to finally kill them once and for all.

Don’t forget The Silent – his power now endanger their very way of life.  Chaz must choose between becoming the hero he doesn’t want to be, or attempt to make it to graduation.

Tough Choice.    

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