Grasping America’s Love Affair With Superheroes

What Is It That Exactly That Makes Superheroes So Fascinating?

There’s no debate that America’s love of all things super has never faded. Superheroes have been colorfully blasting their way to the center stage, and into our hearts for generations. Demand for more seems to have become insatiable to modern day pop culture.

It turns out psychology plays an enormous role in our superhero devotion.

Superman. Wonder Woman. Green Lantern. Black Panther.

Many of our modern-day superheroes were inspired by the characteristics and skills of these ancient mythological figures.

Adilifu Nama On The Psychology Of Superheroes

“Simply put, superheroes help serve us as a tool to cope with adversity. The stories of these gods and goddesses resonate with our deepest hopes and fears, as well as our highest aspirations.”

Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes

We have come quite a ways from Superman’s modest, albeit groundbreaking, debut in the 60s.

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