Aqualad Young Justice h1

Aqualad – The Super Son Of Black Manta

Meet Kaldur’ahm AKA Jackson Hyde

Successor To The First Aqualad (Now Known As Tempest).
Published By DC Comics.

Originally created for the (now cancelled) Cartoon Network show ‘Young Justice’ as the leader of the Teen Titans. Atlantean Outlaws Conducted A Number Of Biological Experiements On Kaldur, Granting Him A Unique Set Of Abilities:

  • Construct Solid Objects From Water
  • Automatically Produces Gills & Webbed Hands In Water

Despite His Father’s Dastardly Ways, Kaldur Chooses The Path Of The Hero.

Geoff Johns Brings Aqualad Back Into Print In Brightest Day #4. Aqualad Not Been Seen In The New 52 Re-Launch.

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